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You are more than your labels

Jan 11, 2022

hello ams welcome to th 1st podcast of 2022

how have you all been over xmas and happy new year to you all 

today I chat about all things self dought and overwhelm 

what stopping you achieveing what you want to achieve

says me the one who procrastinates all the time but it not about me it you and you finding you...

Oct 29, 2021

this long awaited episode from

sue who is the owner of celebrating adhd 

 who has a postive aspect incorporating meditiation , she has membership full of resources -tribe-area

where there is information on how your barin works ,mindful meditaion and so much...

Oct 23, 2021

one of the most insporation stories you will ever hear , hear how andy turned his life around after cataylst of injuries as he enjures pain on adaily basis , he now has his damel brooches and pictures 

here is info 




Sep 20, 2021

It here the long awaited episode Dani wallace

The Queen is in the building 

Dani Wallace herself 



http;// -FLYANYWAY

all of Dani's links 

Dani is a inspirational down to earth...

Sep 16, 2021

dani wallace https;//


so who is this lovley lady 

she is the most inpsirational down to eath person you will ever  meet ,you inspires you to wise up rise up and her famous quote is close mouth dont ge t fed , she is moitivational speaker best selling author and so much...